There are several different interesting sites to see in and around Copenhagen. Having had Copenhagen as our base for the last twenty years means that we are quite familiar with the city and happy to provide advice on how to get from point a to point b, sightseeing tours and other activities in the city. Or simply guide you to the place where you have pre-planned an activity. Typically, major sites in the city can be seen withn two-three days.


Many visitors to Copenhagen like taking the train to the nearby town of Malmø in Sweden from Copenhagen Central Station. While this is certainly a worthwhile trip, another equally, if not more interesting trip is to visit Sweden by taking the train to Elsinore - a fifty minute train ride from Copenhagen. Elsinore hosts the famous Kronborg Castle which Shakespeare used at the setting for his famous play, Hamlet. It is lovely walking around the beach surrounding the castle and also seeing it from the inside.

From Elsinore one can also take the ferry to Sweden - a fifteen minute boat ride and then see the lovely town of Helsingborg. A small trick is that rather than immediately getting off the ferry in Sweden, one can  stay on the ferry and enjoy a nice meal, tea or coffee while going back and forth between Denmark and Sweden enjoying the beautiful view of the ocean and both countries simultaneously. 



A nice way to see Copenhagen in the summertime is to take the canal tour. Copenhagen has several canals in the center of the city so seeing Central Copenhagen from the water on one of the tour boats gives a nice and alternative way of seeing the city. The canal tours are typically hosted by guides that are able to speak several different languages and have good knowledge of the city's history and architecture. 




We receive many family visits at Royaltybed including people of all ages. We are very happy to receive family visits and children are most welcome in Royaltybed. As par of the garden there is also a small pond with fish which particularly smaller children tend to like. We often let visiting kids feed the fish which usually generates a lot of interests from our young friends visiting Royaltybed. 


Copenhagen is known as the biking capital of the world. The city has especially constructed bike lanes and many people commute back and forth between their workplace or educational institution and their homes. Seeing the city is on bike is a nice way to explore Copenhagen. There are couple of bike stores very close to the guest house where you can rent a bike at a reasonable price for the day or the duration of your stay. 



Seeing Copenhagen on foot is quite easy. Once in the center after a ten minute metro ride from the guesthouse, it is possible to reach most places in central Copenhagen on foot. The city is not like London or Paris but rather a regional capital where everything can relatively quickly be reached with efficient public transportation system. Given that the weather changes very quickly in city, we recommend that you bring a small umbrella with you during your walks. 

The guest house is also located in the vicinity of a beautiful lake and if you are interested in seeing the neighborhood of Vanløse and have some time at your disposal, visiting the lake can be a lovely experience.